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10/03/08 11:27 PM #1    

Alicia Garcia (Phillips)

Welcome to the Yuba City High School Class Of 1975 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/26/08 06:06 PM #2    

James Wilson

Alica - Once again you have taken care of all of us. This website is a wonderful idea because most of us don't want to pay the upgrade fee on Thank you again! Jim

10/26/08 11:05 PM #3    

Michele Burchinal (LeBeau)

Thank you so much Alicia. YOU ROCK!!! This will be great. Thanks for always taking such good care of us!!!

10/27/08 08:05 AM #4    


Joe Martin

Thanks Alicia... What would we do without you!

10/27/08 09:11 AM #5    

Cynthia Timmons (Bingham)

Thanks Alicia for starting the site...communication here should be better than paying the $$ on Classmates to keep in touch with others.

10/29/08 06:46 PM #6    

Jill Radford (George)

Alicia - Thank you so much for everything you do to help us all keep in touch! It is really fun to hear from people and catch up on what everyone is doing. I appreciate all your efforts!

10/31/08 10:05 PM #7    

Alicia Garcia (Phillips)

Awwww.. you're all truly very sweet! I do it because I love doing it & besides I think it's in my genes. Mom does her class of '53, so it's just hereditary; AND I don't have any kids, just my hubby & 3 goldens, I've gotta have something else to do... :-D

Sincerely! Thank YOU! My Pleasure!!!

11/12/08 12:01 PM #8    


Jerry Bartlett

alicia, this is going to be great, as always you go the extra step to keep all of us together.. i promise i will make the next class reunion, racing won't win out again.

05/14/09 04:41 PM #9    

Mark Shellenberger

When is the next class reunion?

06/01/09 09:34 PM #10    

Alicia Garcia (Phillips)

I'm working on it. Hopefully it'll be in July-Aug. sometime so you that are teachers will have a chance to come.... OKAY RUSS KILLINGSWORTH!!! AND others. :-D Haven't decided on a venue yet might go back to the Refuge, then again maybe Ruthy's. My delema is music, I'm trying to find someone reasonable enough to play 70's stuff & not charge an arm & leg.
Let me know, you guys have any leads, ideas, preferences... let me know! Might not be able to please everyone all the time, but I can hear you out .... k? k. Happy upcoming 4th All!
Alicia =^..^=

06/03/09 09:12 PM #11    

Debbie Thomas

Hey Alicia I have equipment to play cds. I have prof. speakers, equalizer,5 disc changer all that can be used to play 70's

06/30/09 03:52 PM #12    


Joe Martin

I've completed the scanning/uploading of the senior yearbook pictures. There's aprox 128 people that didn't get their picture in the '75 yearbook (see page 64 of it for peoples names) so we're going to have some gaps. As time permits we'll see if we can fill them in. I've also added the junior grads as well.

If you see any pictures in the wrong place let me or Alicia know and we'll correct it asap.

07/01/09 02:31 PM #13    

Jimmy Harmon

Hello to all you HONKER types. Jimmy Harmon, still alive! I hope none of you lost anymore money on that bet than I did (LOL).
God bless you all and I will check in here from time to time.

07/03/09 03:23 PM #14    

Mark Shellenberger

What's an arm and a leg? i have some contacts up here in Sacramento i can check into (speaking of bands)

07/08/09 02:22 PM #15    


Joe Martin

I've now gone through the '74 and '73 yearbooks and uploaded the class pictures for the missing classmates from the '75 yearbook. Since I don't have the '72 yearbook, if any one would be willing to loan one to me, I'd be more than happy to give them a digital version when returning the yearbook. I'll even pay shipping both ways.

08/02/09 10:20 PM #16    


Robert Lewis

Greetings from Anderson ca.


Just stopped by to say hi, to all my friends from Yuba city, and parts around the us. Hope all is well with you all. Hope to makle it to the next get together(reunion). I like seeing you all no Facebook,hook up with me some time,and Iwill drop you a line.


                            talk to you all soon, and keep in touch


                                     from A fellow Honker Big Bob

10/13/09 03:34 PM #17    

Robert Baird

Good to see all and "hear" from all of you again. Hats off to Alicia for the website. Been a long time.

12/23/09 12:22 AM #18    


Brenda Marks

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year! Brenda Marks

07/06/10 01:30 PM #19    

Michael Jeffrey

Hey Alicia

Found the website and will hopefully see you & the other attendees at the Country Club.

Thanks for all you do for us!

07/16/10 09:58 AM #20    


Jerry Bartlett

Hey Everyone,

Long time since ive seen or been to a reunion. Ive parked all the racecars on the weekend of the reunion... I promise I will be at this one !!! Im sooo looking forward to seeing all of you again... Please everyone come up & say hi to me because I dont want to miss out on talking & drinking with all of you..... Jerry


07/22/13 07:37 AM #21    


Tomella (Aka Tamella) Siller

Hi, Just found this site.  Hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for forming this Alicia. :)

02/12/15 10:49 PM #22    


Lori Christian (Joy)

Hello! Thank you Alicia for this great site! You are wonderful to keep all of together like this.

01/21/18 05:15 PM #23    


Andre Labouyer


I am trying to run down ANY memory of ANYTHING someone might have in regards to a play that took place in the quad our senior year during Fine Artts Festival. It was near the northwest corner of the MP room; and it included Tom Randolph as an eccentric doctor; I played his nurse. For some reason, my memory suggests that Karen Porter was in it... but that is about all I recall. I will pay a Starbucks Card for some help with this one (can someone identify who Karen Porter's really close buddies were her senior year).  




Ps, yes, I have reached out to just about everyone who might have a bit of a memory, including John Farrell. Anyway, all help is greatly appreciated. 

03/15/18 10:43 PM #24    


Andre Labouyer

This might be a repetitive memo... looking for info on a play done in the quad during Fine Arts Festival, May of 1975. Tom Randolph played an eccentric doctor, and the writer played his nurse (in a cannery dress). A one hundred dollar gift certificate to anyone who can resolve a few of the missing peices. Thatnk you, AndreL (or message it to Alicia) thanks/

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